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*The Colorado link will bring you to Dancing on the Web. The Maine link will bring you to the Downeast Friends of the Folk Arts. The New Mexico link will bring you to the New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society. The Utah link will bring you to Utah Contradance Information. These fine organizations and individuals already have complete listings for these states and there is no reason for me to duplicate their efforts.

**As far as I know, there are no regular dances or events in Mississippi, South Dakota or Wyoming, but I have created pages if something changes in the future.


As of October 3, 2020, the dance listings should be fairly up to date including whether dances are canceled although I am behind in keeping up to date with festivals, weekends, etc.. Some dances series have not posted new information about dance cancellations since April or even March but if a dance series has not indicated that a dance is canceled, I strongly recommend that you contact the dance organizers to confirm that the dance is happening. For those series that have posted that dances are canceled for the "foreseeable future" or the equivalent, I've put a cancelation notice for dances up to and including October 31, 2020. In mid-October, I'll follow up for the September dates. You'll notice that, in many cases, information about evening/afternoon dances is getting "thin". Many dance groups post dates a few months ahead and dances have been canceled for much of the last three months. Organizations are not posting new dates until they confirm that they will start holding dances so you may not see the usual dates for dance series because they have not been posted, even with cancelations. Also note that some dance weekends, etc. are already postponing events from winter/spring of 2021 to similar dates in 2022.

In the meantime, some resources:

Looking for a caller?

Whether it is for a regular dance series, a one-time event, weekends and festivals, contras, English, squares (traditional or Modern Western), or Irish Ceilidhs, you can start your search on the list created by Luke Donforth that includes contact and other information. Are you a caller and want to be added to the list? Fill out the form.

Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) Dance Map

The CDSS Dance Map, developed by Jacob LeGrone, is a crowd-sourced, interactive map of folk dancing (contra, English, square, Scottish, and other regular dance series) locations around the world. Find dance venues near your location, view upcoming events, and plan your travels. Organizers can add locations and information about regular dance series.

Try Contra and Dance Web Site Checklist

Jeff Kaufman has put together a web site/app which, with a user entering a zip code, will provide links to nearby contra dances. In addition, based on the work he did in creating that web site, he developed a dance web site checklist with plenty of good advice as to what information to include. That same advice can be very helpful when sending out press releases, announcements, e-mails and Facebook postings.

Dancing Well: The Soldier Project

Dancing Well: The Soldier Project is a program to provide restorative community dance experiences to soldiers and veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Through a dance experience uniquely tailored to the needs of afflicted soldiers, veterans, and their families, these individuals will be able to benefit from the powerful healing, bonding, and socialization offered by traditional music and dance.

Why We Contra Dance

The Chattahoochee Country Dancers have produced a video called Why We Contra Dance which might explain to your non-contra dancing friends and family (and maybe even to fellow contra dancers) why we enjoy this activity so much.

If you are looking for contra dance information and cannot find it here, please e-mail me or check one of the other sites listed below as no one person keeps up with everything that is happening on the contradance scene.

Other Omnibus Sites

Bands and callers are listed twice, once in the region in which they are based, the other in the "All Bands and Callers" page. Organizations are listed once, just in the region in which they are based (although if they have an activity in another region, they will be listed there also). The United States is divided into several different regions. The dance at Rehoboth, Massachusetts is the one I attend most often.

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